Sunday, November 15, 2009

Note Cards of My Paintings

Here are some photos of the set of note cards I have available for sale - they make great holiday gifts! The set is made up of 2 cards of each of the 4 designs below, for a total of 8 cards printed on high-quality stock (and 8 envelopes). The set is available for 15 dollars.

If you are interested in ordering a set, please email me at or click the link at the top right of my page.
Thank you!

Back home from DC

hi all -- Rob and I had a wonderful weekend trip to Chevy Chase to see our friends Ramona and Brian Gallagher, and the art show yesterday was tons of fun and a huge success! I sold twenty paintings, met lots of lovely people, and my friend Annie, I'm happy to report, absolutely loved the commission painting I did of peonies. All good!
THANKS SO MUCH to RAMONA, ANNIE and MICHELLE for hosting a great afternoon of art and friendship :)

If you need a gift for the holidays, or just like to collect and use pretty notepapers as I do, I have made four of my paintings into notecards and will post photos of the set in the next day or so - please check back. There are two each of four designs -- a set of eight cards and envelopes on high quality stock -- the set is $15.


peace, love and art -- Gretchen

Monday, November 9, 2009

art show in DC this saturday!

hey all -- I had fully intended to post more photos but have been out straight preparing for the show. Just had a three-day workshop at the Pendleton Art Center and have two more paintings to bring with me. Also finished a large commission piece of white peonies for my friend Annie. Can't wait to show it to her this weekend!

I now have notecard sets available of my paintings. Eight cards (two each of four designs) for $15. They would make a lovely gift or you can use them yourself!

please come to the show. Would love to see you.

peace, love and art, Gretchen

Thursday, October 15, 2009

November 14th Show in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Here is a sampling of completed paintings that will be available at my upcoming show. They come in various sizes, with acid-free, double-white mats included. Click on the photos below for larger views!

I will have a number of small, framed paintings such as this as well. They make great gifts!

Please check back on this page soon - I will be posting more photos of available artwork. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to see you on November 14th in Chevy Chase!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sample Paintings!

gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
gretchenwatercolor gretchenwatercolor
You can also view these paintings in a slide show on the right column.

how to dry a bun

so it looks like draping over a drying rack will keep your bunny fluffy

Art Show in DC

so I'm doing a watercolor show at my friend Ramona's in Chevy Chase on Saturday November 14th. If you know anyone in the DC area who might like to stop by, please email me with their contact info - thanks!

**this is FUN**

even though Adumb, my mentor and son and friend, is my only follower, it's fun to think about keeping a blog :)

thanks Adam, for being patient and such a good teacher! And SURPRISE yes I can figure out how to do a new post - YAY!

Here is a big slideshow of my paintings!